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Specialized Stock Market Trading Classes for All Levels



Professional | Stocks Trader

This is our foundational course, which takes you step by step through the process of trading stocks like a professional. In this course, you will learn:

How to analyze a stock chart

How to search for stocks to buy

• How to buy & sell stocks online

• How to short stock

How to manage a stock portfolio

How to create a trading system  




Expert | Options Trader

By learning how to trade options like an expert, you’ll learn how to buy 100 shares of stock at a fraction of the price. You will also learn:

How options are priced

How to choose which options to trade

How to use leverage to maximize your returns

How to create an options based trading system to generate monthly income



Master | Day Trader

In this course, you will learn how to use the leverage of Futures to day-trade Gold, Oil, and various market indexes.  We’ll also teach you the  proper trading psychology necessary to become a Disciplined Trader.  You will learn:

How futures are priced

How to handle leverage of futures

How to buy and sell futures online

How to spot and identify intraday opportunities 

How to develop trading discipline

How to create a day-trading system for daily income



Nick Pham


“Over the years from being a Student, Teacher, and Trader, I found that learning how to invest in the stock market doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! This information should be accessible to all investors, therefore, my goal is to teach you the methods and techniques needed to succeed, without the high costs!”


1 on 1 Private Coaching

Our trading coach program is designed to help speed up and develop the new trading knowledge you’ve acquired from our stock market training videos.

Our experienced coaches will work with you to create a step-by-step trading plan that specifically fits your needs and goals. We are committed to helping you become a professional  trader, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


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