Combining technical analysis with statistical analysis to create High Probability Options trades


Live virtual 6-week class and access to our trading room!

What to Expect from the
6-week Virtual Class

I’ll teach you the high probability trading system that actual floor traders use!

You'll learn:

  • How to create trades with over 70% probability of success.
  • How to sell option premium to generate a monthly income
  • How to place trades using the thinkorswim or tastyworks trading platform
  • How to choose which options to sell
  • How to create a step-by-step options trading plan using specific trading rules
  • How to track your day-to-day trading performance, from open to close, using a trading journal
  • How to develop the necessary Trading Psychology to succeed in the markets
  • Risk management, Trade management, and Portfolio management
  • All sessions recorded and viewable at your convenience

What to Expect from the
Weekly Trading Room

Follow along and see what I do month after month. Look over my shoulder as I walk you step-by-step through the entire process, using my own account.

You'll Learn

  • Get daily trade ideas with specific entry and exit prices
  • Daily top down market analysis
  • See first-hand how we enter live trades, exit a trade and if needed, how to adjust a losing trade into a winning trade
  • Also included, we’ll coach you on various trading areas such as money management, technical analysis, trading psychology, etc.
  • We’ll go through many examples of how to read stock charts to determine trading opportunities, by drawing in support, resistance and trend lines
  • You’ll see, step by step, how we manage our portfolio as we try to hit our target return of 10% a month.
  • Chat with other like-minded traders in our trading community, and more!


Client Testimonial

I started learning to trade stocks and options at the beginning of the first lockdown during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

I found Teach you to Trade on Google and started with the video courses. After completing the courses I did a weekly one-on-one session with Nick Pham and I would recommend the course and coaching to anyone who wants to learn how to trade. Nowadays you can find a lot of information on the internet, but I think it is also good to be able to learn from a “live” teacher so you can ask questions and get focused.

I plan to continue to learn and develop my own system with Teach You to Trade.

It has given me a much clearer view of the possibilities (and pitfalls) of trading online.

Michael D.


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Join me in my virtual trading room where I will teach you the trading strategy that floor traders use to make $ in the markets!

I will show you how to create trades that have greater than a 70% of profitability

And I will walk you step by step through the process so that you can feel confident to place the trades using the strategy on your own.

You will get the benefits of Live Instruction, in the convenience of your own home.

Class Format

  • 1 evening per week
  • 75 – minute sessions
  • 6 weeks in a row
  • 10 + hours of material
  • Downloadable workbook pdf included
  • Start with as little as $1000 to trade this strategy

The 6 week class Agenda

Key Highlights

  • Learn to generate a monthly income trading this strategy
  • Learn the 5 step process to find the highest probability trades
  • Learn a mechanical approach to trading that will remove your emotions
  • Each class will end with a question and answer period
Plus, each week, I will place Live Trades in my own account as a Case study for the class to follow along.
Session 1:
Intro to High Probability Trading
  • How High Probability trading puts the odds in your favor…
  • Advantages of Selling options vs Buying options
  • combining technical analysis with option probabilities to create high probability trades
  • The mindset of an Option Seller
Session 2:
Predicting Price Probabilities using a Statistical approach
  • Using the “Bell” curve to predict price and probabilities
  • Implied Volatility and its impact on option premium
  • How to use the Bell Curve to build a 70% prob of profit options trade…
Session 3:
Collecting Premium: Credit Spreads
  • Learn how to go from unlimited risk to Risk Defined trades with credit spreads
  • How to analyze a credit spreads risk graph to determine your profit and loss zones
  • Learn how to enter a credit spread trade on your trading platform
Session 4:
The Perfect Trade: The Iron Condor
  • Learn how to profit from a range defined stock
  • learn how to profit if the stock goes up, down, or sideways!
  • learn how to choose which options to sell and when
Session 5:
Searching for Trades & Trade Execution
  • You will learn how to find trading opportunities that meet your criteria
  • You will learn how and when to enter and exit a trade for a profit
  • You will also learn how to adjust the trade if it goes wrong
  • You will learn advanced orders that allow you to set it and forget it!
Session 6:
Putting it all together
  • You will learn how to create a step by step trading plan to meet your profit goals
  • You will learn how to manage your portfolio, as well as money management rules
  • We will review our trades from week 1-4 and analyze the performance using a Trading Journal
  • How to achieve your trading goals