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Most students will agree that spending time with a stock market coach was the most valuable part of their training.


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Our Best Courses

Our Private Coaching Package includes 3 one hour sessions, with a topic of your choice.

Options Trading Lesson 1:

Intro to Options Trading

Beginner Stocks Lesson 1:

Stock Market

Masters Day Trading Lesson 1:

How to Trade with Futures


Course 1

Interested in selling options to create a monthly income?

I’ll show you:

  • How to place advanced option trades using your trading platform
  • How to create trades with 70% – 80% probability of success
  • How to choose which options to sell
  • Create a step-by-step options trading plan using specific trading rules
  • Track your day-to-day trading performance, from open to close, using a trading journal
  • And Develop the necessary Trading Psychology to succeed in the markets


Course 2

Interested in trading stocks, using technical analysis, to identify trends?

I’ll show you:

  • Identify support, resistance and trends, using technical analysis
  • Identify when to enter and exit a trade
  • Calculate your Risk and Reward, using proper money management
  • Track your trades performance using a trading journal
  • Enter advanced orders using your trading platform
  • Analyze and Improve Your Trade Performance
  • Develop the necessary Trader mindset to succeed in the markets


Course 3

Interested in Day Trading with as little as $1500?

I’ll show you:

  • Day trade the E-Mini’s, E-Micro’s, Oil & Gold
  • Create a daily income with as little as $1500 in your account
  • Automate your trades using a stop loss and profit target
  • Identify intraday patterns to go long or short the market, during the day

From Our Clients

“Very good, engaging, got to learn a lot about trading and stock market with this beautifully put course. its designed with animations to make anyone understand the dynamics of the market very easily. never was boring at any point of time. enjoyed and got educated thoroughly…thank you Nicholas.”

This is fantastic course!! It is practical, logical, clear and concise. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and would love to see more from this instructor. Nicholas is wonderfully open and responsive to questions. I am currently including and applying this material to my trading.