Combining technical analysis with statistical analysis to create High Probability Options trades

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​Listen to what some of our past customers have to say about Teach You To Trade and our High Probability Options Trading.

Embark on your journey to become a professional options trader, as did these customers below. Our courses are as fun and engaging as they are informative. Read what others like yourself had to say:

I started learning to trade stocks and options at the beginning of the first lock down during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. I found Teach you to Trade on Google and started with the video courses. After completing the courses I did a weekly one on one session with Nick Pham and I would recommend the course and coaching to anyone who wants to learn how to trade. Nowadays you can find a lot of information on the internet, but I think it is also good to be able to learn from a "live" teacher so you can ask questions and get focused. I plan to continue to learn and develop my own system with Teach You to Trade. It has given me a much clearer view on the possibilities (and pitfalls) of trading online.

– Michael D.

Your course is so Amazingly helpful! Especially for a First time Trader...
Thank you! Elizabeth W.
It is a great beginner's course but I still need to learn somewhere how to go about the mechanics of an actual trade using my own broker unless I enroll in the author's coaching service. If you are a beginner you'll learn a lot and is way worth the money you pay for this class.
Reynaldo I.
This course takes a complex subject and makes it easy for any average person to comprehend. -
Geoffrey M.
This was a great course! I started the course as a cadet, but the training transformed me into a soldier!
Augustin A.
It is simply awesome for beginners to understand everything! - Bilei H.
– Bilei H.
I really enjoyed this course. It touches the major points you need to know starting out on trading.
– Zenret Y.

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Learn how to:

  • Analyze a stock chart
  • Determine whether a stock is going up, down, or sideways
  • Use technical analysis to spot trading opportunities
  • Enter and exit trades
  • and more…



Learn how to:

  • Buy options
  • Use the leverage of options to increase your returns
  • Trade stocks like Apple for a fraction of the cost
  • Enter and exit option trades for a profit
  • and more…


6-week Live Online Class

  • A high probability options trading system, where you can be profitable over 70% of the time
  • How to sell option premium, to generate a monthly income
  • I’ll tell you what options to sell with the highest probability for profit, how to find them, and how to place them on your trading platform
  • and more…


4-week Live Online Trading Room

  • This is a continuation of our online class
  • Apply what you learned in the class, with real trades in the markets
  • Watch me place actual trades using the high probability options trading method learned in the online class, and I’ll show you how to make 10% a month
  • I will walk you step-by-step through the entire process to help you become a confident trader.

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